The Best Frame Décor for 2021 - The Vibes You Need - Original Frame

The Best Frame Décor for 2021 - The Vibes You Need

The Best Frame Décor for 2021 - The Vibes You Need

It's almost a New Year and it's time to get to redesigning!

We deserve a new, fresh, and comfortable space to be in for the new year. The year 2020 was difficult for many, but let's try to turn that around by making the space around us more visibly pleasing! 

In this blog post we will be illustrating some of the best frame décor that you can have in your house for 2021. Use these frames and pair them with the themes that you want for your décor. You'll be sure to find something that you absolutely love and will change your living environment for the better. 


Vibe: Back Outside

Tired of staying inside? Bring some green nature to your rooms with this Green Trees Forest frame! The burst of green in your home will be sure to liven everything up. Display this frame in your living, dining room, or across from a window where the sun hits!

Vibe: Travel Again

This City of Venice frame will help you reminisce about your love to travel! It features such a beautiful view of Italy - maybe you’ll feel inspired to visit if you haven't already! This is perfect for anyone wanting to travel again. You can also browse our site for other cities you love!

Vibe: Back to the City

If you’re missing life in the busy city! This one is perfect for you to decorate in the new year! This City Twilight features twinkling city buildings with a beautiful cloudy sunset behind. You can put this one up in bedrooms or living rooms that need a burst of liveliness.

Vibe: Thank God

If you’re looking for a more religious painting, this Jesus Christ frame would be essential for your home. We have various religious paintings on our website that may fit you and your family. Put this frame up anywhere to display your faith as well as your thankfulness for getting through the year.

Vibe: Back and Bolder

Grab attention with this bold Tiger frame. This is great to use as a statement piece for your home or in any bedroom. It will definitely give you that powerful vibe to your atmosphere! We recommend putting this on a plain wall so all attention is on the tiger!

Vibe: Just Need Silence

Had a very stressful year? We get it. Create a space in your home that is super calm and display this Full Moon Night frame. It will make the whole atmosphere feel still and slow. It’s a monotone painting that can help bring tranquility to the atmosphere. Just relax...

Vibe: That Was Crazy

Say bye-bye to crazy 2020! This Multicolored Abstract frame can commemorate that craziness that went on in the year. This frame can be a fun piece to display if you want to bring a crazy vibe to your bedrooms, living spaces, and more.

That’s all folks!

We’ve given you some pieces that we think will be the best décor for 2021. We hope you enjoy them. We have a ton more frames that you can browse on our site here! Enjoy!

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