Check out what is trending on modern home walls today!!


Who doesn't love an artsy, "je ne sais quoi" abstract piece hanging on their wall. It's the perfect mix of fancy + homey to style up your home and wow your guests!

2. Animals, Creatures of the Earth

For all the animal lovers and non-animal lovers out there, we just all love to see wall art of these magnificent creatures! There's just something so captivating about animals big and small!

3. "The View"  of Cityscapes, Landscapes, and more

Scenery and cityscapes are just too captivating! They can easily turn a white, blank wall into the view New York city skyline!

4. Oil Paintings

The rustic oil painting look is quite endearing. It's all the rage these days, the handiwork is simply exquisite!

5. Fantasia

We love the dreamy scenes of unicorns and Aurora Borealis filling the sky! <3

6. Silhouettes

People are captivating, even if they aren't famous figures. From ages ago, silhouettes will continue to decorate the walls of homes everywhere!

7. Large Florals

Who doesn't love flowers? We love decorating our homes with florals and greenery, whether in paintings or real flowers which always brighten up the home!

8. Greyscale

Blacks, whites, and greys are a great way to add texture to the walls without being overly dramatic! There's a mystery and chic glow about greyscale art!

9. Vibrant Street Art

We love the street art vibe, dawg! STREETART is taking the streets of the artistry world and adding a VIBRANT flame that cannot be doused!

10. Power

Power emanates from these paintings. They are captivating and eye-catching and somehow we just can't look away...

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