Top 10 Original Frames For You - Original Frame

Top 10 Original Frames For You

Top 10 Original Frames For You


Here at original frames, We use the advanced and most excellent canvas printing technology that makes our product eye-catching and sturdy. All our products are high definition canvas printing of modern artwork, picture or photo on high quality, water resistance canvas. We bring you the very best wall art on the market! Our wall art is designed to impress the customers, and we pay astounding attention to detail. Not only does it look great, but it also manages to deliver a sense of uniqueness and coolness for the entire experience. Here is a compiled list of our top 10 wall art canvas made just for you.


10. Buddha Waterfall 

Buddha Waterfall 5 Piece HD Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Frame

If you have enjoyed the tranquility of waterfalls and Buddha, bring their magic indoors! Place this beautiful  Buddha Waterfall in your living room and enjoy the tranquility that it offers! This painting will definitely relax your body and take your mind away!

9. Jesus Glory 

Jesus Glory To God 5 Piece HD Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Frame


Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has been depicted in a multitude of ways over the centuries. Just as His life was dynamic, so is the artwork that reflects Him. This stunning painting is thought-provoking and an inspiring  addition to any home or office, and some even have indulgences associated with them, such as the Divine Mercy image of Jesus.


8. Heaven Ocean 

Heaven Ocean 4 Piece HD Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Frame

Brain imaging research has shown that proximity to water is strongly linked to your brain releasing feel-good hormones, including dopamine and oxytocin. This is likely why Hawaii has been ranked the happiest of all states for the last six years. Place this amazing artwork of the heavens meeting the ocean for stress relieving effects.


7. Sunset Beach Wave 

Sunset Beach Wave 3 Piece HD Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Frame

Transform your home into a beautiful sandy beach. Watch the pretty sunset in the comfort of your own home with this Sunset Beach Wave painting. It is so real that you can almost feel the warmth of the sun on a hot summer day.


6. Flower Lily

Flower Lily 5 Piece HD Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Frame

Serenity can be felt when one admires this Flower Lily artwork. Hung in a living room or master bedroom, the peaceful, calm vibes it puts out are just what someone needs when winding down after a long day. With many vibrant colors, the painting can be paired with a wide array of home décor, making it the perfect addition to any home. 


5. Sunflower Sunset 

Sunflower Sunset 5 Piece HD Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Frame

Watch each flower "Turn To The Sun" in this cheerful print. Two yellow blooms take in the warmth of the sky while radiating happiness. That same joy passes on to any viewer that stops to feel the positive energy that each flower exudes. Meanwhile, green leaves demonstrate the subjects' great health. This print goes well in any kitchen or living room.


4. Grand Lion Howl 

Grand Lion Howl 5 Piece HD Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Frame

Put this majestic lion in your home to symbolize strength, courage, justice, and military might. Commonly referred to as "the KING of the beasts," anyone putting this painting in their home will feel a sense of immediate pride and confidence in their ability to deal with difficult situations.


3. Wolves Black & White 

Wolves Black & White 5 Piece HD Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Frame

This vivid black and white wall art décor can easily enhance the beauty of space and make you feel of wolf's spirit. Symbolizing two opposites, it brings clarity and calmness into the viewer’s mind. It’s ready to use with your favorite picture frame to bring instant home décor style into any room in your house. 


2. Abstract Graffiti 

Abstract Graffiti 5 Piece HD Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Frame

This beautiful abstract graffiti art is perfect for any home. Its vibrant shades of brown, blue and white combined with its unique shapes allows the viewer to have a different perception of its meaning. It will catch the eye of any guests and will have them staring at it with pleasure.


1. Multicolored Abstract 

Multicolored Abstract 5 Piece HD Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Frame

Who doesn't love an artsy, "je ne sais quoi" abstract piece hanging on their wall. It's the perfect mix of fancy + homey to style up your home and wow your guests! The beauty of this piece is, the meaning and feelings that one gets is different for everyone.

Whether you are interested or not in purchasing one of the artworks above, visit our website here for more artworks that will suit your style. We have hundreds of different high quality designs, and compiling them into a top ten list was very difficult. We left out so many great products so check them out!