About Us

Welcome to Original Frames, where our passion transcends mere wall decoration—we are dedicated to invigorating every space with life. Our inception was sparked by a simple, yet profound realization: each frame harbors its own narrative. This guiding principle propels us to craft frames of superior quality and artistic vibrancy, capable of transforming any setting. Our eclectic collection ranges from the serene beauty of natural landscapes to the pulsating energy of urban scenes, the divine allure of spiritual themes to the dynamic excitement of sports and games. At Original Frames, the fusion of aesthetic excellence and top-notch quality makes every piece a distinct work of art.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide art aficionados with an expansive selection of aesthetically appealing, durable frames. Our commitment lies in delivering pieces that not only beautify your space but are also built to last. Whether your journey with us begins with a delicate floral design, ventures into the wild through animal motifs, explores the abstract, or celebrates the thrill of sports, we ensure that each choice from Original Frames reflects your personal style, enriching your environment with a touch of your essence.

Why Choose Original Frames

  • Peerless Quality and Longevity: Our frames, crafted from premium materials, are designed to captivate and endure. We pride ourselves on our high-definition canvas prints, promising enduring allure.

  • Diverse Artistic Collection: Our portfolio is as varied as it is rich, bridging classical and modern art. From spiritual to natural themes, abstract concepts to athletic fervor, each canvas is a testament to diverse narratives and styles, printed with eco-friendly ink.

  • Ease of Installation: Each canvas arrives ready to hang, simplifying the beautification of your space. Suitable for any environment, our frames are crafted to seamlessly complement and enhance your surroundings.

  • Sophistication Meets Modernity: Our frames blend classic elegance with contemporary artistry, adding a sophisticated and modern touch to any interior.

  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: At Original Frames, we prioritize not just the sale of products, but the provision of memorable experiences. Our dedication to customer satisfaction ensures a delightful interaction with our brand.

Contact Us

  • Email: info@originalframes.com (We strive to respond within 24 hours, Monday to Friday).
  • Address: 28010 Eucalyptus Ave, Moreno Valley, California, 92555, USA.

Original Frames is more than a frame supplier—we are your partner in personalizing your space, enabling your walls to reflect your unique story and style. Embark on this artistic journey with us, and let your space narrate tales of beauty and inspiration.