25 Frame Ideas Your Home

25 Frame Ideas Your Home

We’re a few months in from the New Year, but it’s not too late to re-brand your home! 

Thinking about redesigning, buying new decor, or getting ready for spring cleaning? We have the best framing ideas our blog post today that will help turn your home completely transform!

Idea 1: Permanent Vacation

Bring your favorite vacation destinations to your home! The most beautiful beaches, villages, and landscapes will bring the sense of a euphoric escape to your walls. Create a paradise right where you live.

Here are our Top 5 Frames to use:

1 - Venice Italy Landscape |2 - Sunset Beach Wave | 3 - Mountain Waterfall Sunset | 4 - Sunset Beach | 5 - Sunset Mountains Landscape

Idea 2: The City That Doesn't Sleep

If you love the hustle and bustle of the city, these frame ideas are perfect. Bring the night life to your walls. Whether you like realistic paintings or abstract, you can find one in our city collections.

Here are our Top 3 Frames to use:

1 - New York City | 2 - Chicago City Night View | 3 - Colorful City

Idea 3: Strengthen Your Faith

Keep your faith strong and feature inspiring religious paintings around your home. Art has always been a way to express belief and devotion. These wondrous works of art will be a great piece in your home.

Here are our Top 3 Frames to use:

1 - Jesus Abstract  | 2 - Islam | 3 - Om Art Buddha 

Idea 4: Happy Kids, Happy Life

Don’t forget about the kids now! If you’re looking to decorate their rooms, try using frames that reflect their interests! They’ll always be excited to have cool paintings on their wall. 

Here are our Top 5 Frames to use:

1 - Anime Dragon Ball  | 2 - Flaming Electric Guitar| 3 - Kid's Car, Skirt & Piano | 4 - Dragon Ball Super| 5 - Beautiful Butterfly Flowers

Idea 4: Pop of Color

If you want a more modern look, use paintings with pops of color! You’ll bring excitement to your rooms without having to splurge on modern decor. Don’t be afraid to use abstract paintings in your homes - you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Here are our Top 4 Frames to use:

1 - The Tree Of Monkeys | 2 - Wolf of Wall Street| 3 - Multicolored Zebras | 4 - Lily Flowers

Idea 4: Staying Neutral

If you’re looking to stay neutral with your homes, you can always use a frame that is soft on colors and design! It will bring something visual to your wall that wont leave your rooms looking empty and boring.

Here are our Top 5 Frames to use:

1 - Elephants  | 2 - Lion Black And White| 3 - Lighthouse Sunset| 4 - Sea And Sunset | 5 - Coffee Love

You've all these ideas!

Visit our site here and check out all our collections. You'll find something you love! 

Happy designing for 2020.

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