Digital Media Display Frame

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Embark on Unforgettable Journeys: Introducing our Digital Media Display Frame—a fully customizable masterpiece designed to harmonize with the unique tastes of your loved ones, ensuring a thoughtful and caring touch in every detail.

Craft a Tapestry of Heartfelt Memories: Ignite your imagination by curating a mini masterpiece using your treasured photos and videos. Transform any space into a digital sanctuary, brimming with the warmth of shared moments and everlasting memories.

Symbol of Endearment: More than just a frame, our Digital Media Display Frame is a small yet impactful token that speaks volumes about your affection. Capturing the very essence of personal connection, it becomes a beacon of sentiment with every glance, making it the perfect gift to convey your deepest emotions.


  • 6.5-inch Frame with a 5-inch LED Screen
  • 9.5-inch Frame with a 7-inch LED Screen
  • Built-in 2GB memory
  • Supports JPEG picture and video display
  • Rechargeable battery (USB cord + adapter included)